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The Never-Ending Story

never ending story book Terrific (and true) tale from Rick Allen at epublishmedia, one where many of us in the ‘content game’ enjoy frank talks with clients on the benefits of a content strategy, content marketing, and consistency.

When I read his post on my dimensionally-challenged Blackberry screen, literally nodding my head in a “yes, yes, yes!  I’ve been there, too”-type of way, I came to a sentence Rick penned:  “But how does the story end?”

I only assumed that this would be followed by something like this:

“The story DOESN’T end. Content Marketing is an on-going strategy, one where Brand is in a continuous, meaningful dialogue with Consumer. Content Marketing is not a ‘campaign,’ it’s more of a forever discipline that can’t ‘end happily ever after’ unless it keeps on going.”

Happily, Rick was referring to his specific incident where he convinced his client that a full content strategy was necessary.  With his client having committed to actionable next steps, he definitely has  a promising ‘to be continued….’

Rick’s piece is titled “Content First:  Step One in Web Marketing.”

In the tome Content Marketing:  Strategy and Beyond (not a real book, but it does give me pause…), other chapters might include “Saving Princess Customer,” or even “Content is King…Long Live the King.”

Just as long as there is a chapter continuously and consistently added, and that the dialogue goes on…”

The End Beginning