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That’s one huge engagement thing

engagement ring

CONTENT is the key driver to engagement.

Consider the times in your life you’ve been totally engaged:

  • Not able to put down a page-turner until you realize it’s past 4 am and you’ve still not been to sleep…or
  • Losing yourself so deeply at a movie theater that it takes a loud cough to help you realize you’re not in the move, but watching it…or
  • Driving on a road trip and the local radio station you’ve scanned plays three perfect songs in a row, seemingly just for you, and you forget where you are…or
  • A magazine article makes you laugh out loud on a red-eye flight, waking the lady in 7B…or
  • A sporting match has you alternatively cheering or screaming at the television…or
  • Stumbling upon a blog only to spend two hours reading the POVs of two highly partisan groups…or
  • Finding yourself literally on the edge of your seat agreeing with a professional speaker at a conference…or
  • Finding it simply impossible to believe an entire hour has flown by and you are destined to wait another whole week, incredulously, to see your favorite HBO drama…

All of these demonstrate high levels of ENGAGEMENT through compelling content — the real art of storytelling.

Our media, at their best, have excelled in storytelling, creating compelling content to engage their audiences.

We frequently cite the mantra “think like a publisher” or for marketers to “be your own media.”

What is meant is for marketers to engage customers through compelling content.

And while it’s en vogue to tout the benefits of the ‘new media,’ there are still a few things we can learn from our old-school forefathers:  how to engage.

What ‘old media’ example of engagement do you model?