Ten…make that Eleven Things Social Media Can’t Do


Great post from B.L. Ochman on Ad Age.com the other day:  Ten Things Social Media Can’t Do, and worth the read.

As any blogger worth his/her salt, I’d like to add my two cents…well, in this case, one more cent:  there could be 11 things social media can’t do.

11.  It can’t meaningfully exist without consistent and engaging content, steeped in a content marketing strategy.  Too often Brands are rip-roarin’ to “be” on Facebook, Twitter, etc., but without a plan of what they’d like to say and why that is relevant to the intended audience.  That’s where content marketing comes in.

Put in a ‘happy camper’ way, it’s like a bunch of friends gathering around a campfire, and the Brand has actual stories to tell:  not necessarily about itself and why it’s so great, but stories that educate, inform, inspire, and entertain the other folks ’round that campfire.

So turn your list up to 11, and tell your customers a story!


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